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Is it time to get medical scrubs?

You might not think much of scrubs, but they can have a big impact on your work.

There’s a correlation between what you wear and how productive you are at work. Clothes, including scrubs, can impact your self-image and impact what others think of you too.

If you like what you’re wearing, the better you feel about yourself and your work. That can lead to a better work environment for you and your colleagues.

That doesn’t impact only you and your co-workers, but patients, too. The working environment for nurses is actually a key factor in patient recovery.

.If you’re in the market for scrubs, how do you pick the best ones for you?

Keep reading to learn the top 5 tips to choose medical scrubsю

How Did Medical Scrubs Evolve?

Up until the early 20th century, it was commonplace for nurses to wear uniforms, which were normally dresses.

Doctors were primarily men, and they would perform procedures wearing their regular clothes. They didn’t use aprons or sterilized clothes.

It wasn’t until 1918 when the Spanish flu raised the possibility of the spread of infection. Doctors began to wear masks, but it was to protect the doctor from the patient, not the other way around.

In the 1940s, cleanliness in the operating room became important, and that was reflected by the white aprons and clothing worn by medical staff.

This needed to change because the bright lights reflecting off of white clothing became too much. It caused eye strain, so a light green shade of clothing was adopted by the 1960s.

These green scrubs became a standard uniform in the 1970s. They became the standard for the non-surgical scrubs you mostly see today.

Tips to Choose the Best Medical Scrubs for You

If you have the freedom to choose your own medical scrubs, you don’t have to settle for something that feels like wearing a garbage bag all day.

There are more options to get comfortable scrubs that you can feel good about wearing.

Whether you’re a nurse or becoming a podiatrist, here’s how you find scrubs you’ll love.

1. Knowing Your Options

There are so many options out there, what are the top things you need to consider when you choose your scrubs?

Cut & Style

Think about if you want a deep v-neck or a round neck or a square top. What is the most comfortable for you?

Tops can be long or short, with or without pockets.

Think about as you go through your day if you would be more comfortable with these options.


You may be fortunate in that your department doesn’t tell you what colors you need to wear. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to think about your color options.

Prints are fun and can be very personable. Whites are great if you’re going for a clean look, but it is very hard to maintain that clean look. Colors can be used to bring out facial features such as your eye color.

2. Choose the Scrubs for Your Body

Medical scrubs should be comfortable and flattering.

That means you’ll have to buy scrubs that are right for your body.

For example, if you have an athletic build, choose tops that will help define your waist. Pants with a wide leg are also a good option to complement your natural build.

3. Add a Personal Touch

Your clothes reflect who you are. You can do the same with scrubs, too.

Classic Shelby scrubs can give you opportunities to create a sense of style. You can get scrubs in different shades of blue to create a unique look.

Another way to accessorize is to add a pin or wear jewelry that will complement the colors and styles you choose.

While creating a personal touch is appealing for many reasons, you do want to be sure you’re within the rules. You’ll have to check the rules at your organization first before you do anything.

4. Care for Your Medical Scrubs

This may seem obvious, but when you’re working long shifts, you can overlook basic things.

Wearing scrubs with old stains can reflect poorly on you. If your scrubs do have stains, treat the stains immediately. It also helps to have a few extra sets of scrubs handy to change into in case of emergency.

The quality of the scrubs you buy is important. As your scrubs get washed often, they will show wear and tear.

Lower quality scrubs might fall apart easily while high-quality scrubs will last longer.

5. Your Feet Matter, Too

You’re on your feet all day. You need to make sure that your shoes are comfortable, but they don’t have to be Crocs, either.

Shoes can be like accessories that are stylish, but functional to protect your feet.

Comfortable shoes, like running shoes, come in many designs and colors. You can get shoes to match your scrubs.

Depending on what the rules are at your hospital, you may be able to decorate your shoes yourself.

Should You Wear Scrubs in Public?

There’s been an ongoing debate as to whether nurses and doctors should wear scrubs outside of the work environment.

People might wear them to show off. They’re in the medical field, and there’s a certain status that comes with that.

For others, it’s a matter of wanting to get out of work as soon as possible after a stressful shift. Many hospitals don’t offer changing rooms and showers.

That doesn’t really encourage staff to change before leaving the hospital.

Studies have shown that by wearing medical scrubs after your shift, you could be exposing the public and members of your household to harmful bacteria from the scrubs.

Some hospitals require them to remove scrubs in public. It’s become policy in Canada, Australia, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. The U.S. has lagged behind these countries in creating a policy around this.

Medical Scrubs for Your Work

Your scrubs don’t have to be plain. You can get scrubs that have color and personality. With a good pair of shoes and stylish accessories, you can look great and feel great at work.

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